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  1. Fr Joku
    I really appreciate your reflections on Sunday Liturgy. But unfortunately, because of the time difference (Australia), I sometimes receive your reflections late. I need it for Saturday evening Mass also (week end Mass). Could you please send your reflection little earlier.
    Fr Suresh

    • Greetings Padre and thanks for appreciating this little effort. I really understand the problem of time difference between here and Australia because my elder brother lives in New Zealand. Surely, I will try my best. It is just that at times due to work pressure, occasionally, it might be a bit late.
      However, I have completed the three cycles of the Sunday liturgical calendar. All I do at times is simply to update or upgrade them. So, you may also find the previous ones (though with a little difference) on my blog. I guess, that of the last Sunday was not there because, three years ago, the 10th Sunday was the solemnity of the corpus Christi, so I have to take time to write a completely new homily.
      Thanks Padre, may the Lord continue to be your straighten in your mission. Pray for me always that I might be faithful to this task. Also, pray my people here in Puerto Rico as we begin a new season of hurricanes.
      Peace be with you.
      Fr. Canice, C.S.Sp

  2. Wonderful reflection that leaves footmarks in our faithless hearts thank you Father for that sacrifice you are making to feed and enrich us with the word of God.
    May God bless you

  3. Hello Fr, I really like you reflections. Thank you for sharing with us. May you continue to be guided and enlightened by the Spirit. Could you please to do same for weekdays? Thank you

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