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  1. Fr Joku
    I really appreciate your reflections on Sunday Liturgy. But unfortunately, because of the time difference (Australia), I sometimes receive your reflections late. I need it for Saturday evening Mass also (week end Mass). Could you please send your reflection little earlier.
    Fr Suresh

    • Greetings Padre and thanks for appreciating this little effort. I really understand the problem of time difference between here and Australia because my elder brother lives in New Zealand. Surely, I will try my best. It is just that at times due to work pressure, occasionally, it might be a bit late.
      However, I have completed the three cycles of the Sunday liturgical calendar. All I do at times is simply to update or upgrade them. So, you may also find the previous ones (though with a little difference) on my blog. I guess, that of the last Sunday was not there because, three years ago, the 10th Sunday was the solemnity of the corpus Christi, so I have to take time to write a completely new homily.
      Thanks Padre, may the Lord continue to be your straighten in your mission. Pray for me always that I might be faithful to this task. Also, pray my people here in Puerto Rico as we begin a new season of hurricanes.
      Peace be with you.
      Fr. Canice, C.S.Sp

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